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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Organic, natural living… does the sound of this excite you? Or is it a little overwhelming? I feel both. And then I remember it’s something I’ve been *trying* to practice… and I feel like I do a pretty decent job. We all have our days am.i.right?! Truth is, its pretty dang easy to get the hang of.

Healthy living goes far beyond diet and exercise. Your daily habits, the products you use, the waste you produce… all of these things have a huge effect on your physical and mental health. As well as, Mother Earth. In case you didn’t know, I’m a big fan of Mother Earth, some of my earliest memories are exploring nature, barefoot, dirty and thirsty for adventure. I remember my dad recycling and picking up liter. Organic wasn’t a word I learned until later in life, but I’ve always eaten healthy.

Fast forward to current times. I still live a pretty healthy life. A few years ago, when I discovered coconut oil, I felt like I was learning about a new world. I discovered essential oils from coconut oil and a spark was ignited. Then came learning the harmful impact chemicals have on us, and Mother Nay Nay. Sigh…






I won’t even go into detail with you about all of the crazy ish these chemicals can do to us. And the people around us. And the animals around us. And Mother Nay Nay. Everything is horribly affected by chemicals.

But don’t fret! We don’t have to sacrifice cleanliness or stop using things that smell yummy, we can have our cake and eat it. Essential oils can replace every cleaning solution under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, personal hygiene products… anything. LITERALLY anything.

The first step on this new journey is to start with baby steps. Decide what changes you want to make, pick a few to start with and work your way through each goal. Don’t get discouraged. Rome wasn’t built in a day and unless you’ve got a lot of time and money on your hands, this process is going to take time.

These days there are a ton of healthy alternatives but one of the best things I’ve learned is how to make my own products. Doesn’t matter if it’s for cleaning or beauty. And I haven’t replaced everything. But I’m getting there.

Today I want to share with you homemade cleaning products.

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The easiest and most affordable all-purpose cleaning solution can be made with things you’ve probably already got in your home, but don’t actually use for cleaning. Nothing is off limits with this stuff.

This all-purpose cleaner is made from distilled white vinegar, water and essential oils. I use it in my shower, the bathroom counters and it’s a great replacement for window and mirror cleaners.



This first step is optional, but I wouldn’t skip it. I take the peels from a few oranges and soak them in a glass jar filled with vinegar. You can also use lemon skin, rosemary springs and pine clippings. This infused vinegar can also be used for other cleaning products. UberChef has the purfect vessel for infusing, fermenting, pickling.... these 1 gallon jugs have a ton of possibilities. And I appreciate that they come with cloth and rubber band so whatevers inside can breathe, without letting stuff inside. If you are using a jar with a metal lid, make sure you put a piece of parchment paper in between the lid and the vinegar because vinegar will cause the metal to rust. I let this mixture sit for about 2 weeks. Once the vinegar has marinated you will notice it starts to take on the color of what you are infusing it with. I do a 1-1 mix of equal parts vinegar and distilled water plus 10-20 drops of essential oil for added scent and disinfecting. To store your cleaning mixture I recommend these amber glass spray bottles that come with super handy labels so you’ll never forget what’s inside. There are a few different sizes of bottles that you can use for different mixtures. The dark bottles are best for reducing the amount of light that gets into the bottle which would dilute the mixture. Once you’ve mastered this the possibilities are endless. And I must say, this is a pretty easy task to tackle and will open new doors of learning.

After a few days you will notice the vinegar start to pick up whatever color of the item you are infusing it with. It this case, orange peels

If we’re being honest. I usually order my essential oils online when I see them on sale. There are some great starter packs that are affordable and multi-purpose. ..You will hear a lot of people that swear by the brand XYZ or YadaYada… do your own research and you will learn what you like and what works for you. Even though I have basic training in essential oils, I still don’t think I can represent just one brand, I will go into more detail if you send me a private message. For now I am recommending these BelAir Naturals. There are some mixed reviews, I've been using mine for about 8 months now and I am very happy. If someone wants to send me samples I am happy to try and review them for ya!

Rosemary and orange is delicious!

Once you’ve got your essential oils, spray bottles and infusing jars, you really can make whatever you want. I’ll be back to share more recipes with you and would love to hear what you would like to learn about!

Here are a few recipes to get you

started on your new journey

All-purpose cleaner

1 cup distilled or filtered water

1 cup white distilled vinegar

10-20 drops of essential oil (orange, lemon, pine are all great options)

Makes 16 oz

Dust spray and wood furniture polish

1 cup distilled or filtered water

½ cup white distilled vinegar

½ cup olive oil

10 drops lemon essential oil

8 drops cedarwood oil

Makes 16 oz

Kitchen cleaner: safe for laminate, stone, granite, marble

¾ cup distilled water

2 teaspoons liquid castile soap

¼ cup rubbing alcohol

5 drops eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

Makes 8 oz

Poo Pouri – Can also be used as room freshener

3 ½ oz distilled water

1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol

10 drops rosemary essential oil

10 drops lavender essential oil

20 drops lemongrass essential oil


3 1/2 oz distilled water

1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol

12 drops orange essential oil

12 drops black pepper essential oil

12 drop vanilla essential oil

Makes 4 oz

Happy cleaning my friends!

love & light

kristen claire

Links to what you’ll need to get started, just click on each one and you will be directed to them.

UberChef 1 gallon glass jars with plastic

Amber glass spray bottles in different sizes

BelAir Naturals Aromatherapy starter pack

Dr. Bronner’s pure Castile soap

Reusable cleaning rags to replace paper towels

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