Mountain Mermaid

Hello from colorful COLORADO!

Since I decided to mesh all of my blogging together I figured it was a good time to write a little update for those of you that don't know me "in real life"...

I've been living and loving my mountain mermaid life since August 2014 (about 9 months now). February 2016 I moved my "little big" brother in with me and I gotta admit, this place is feeling more and more like home! I miss the ocean daily but these mountains have taught me so much and provided endless adventures! Hiking + snowboarding + wildflower hunting + NATURE

This is where I'm supposed to be in life + expanding my horizons

Island Flair has grown even more and we look forward to celebrating our 6th birthday in October 2016!

This is the year I will introduce my all natural organic "mountain mermaid" creations including body scrubs + face mask + essential oil blends + gotta keep some surprises (-;

Also --- Keep your eyes open for more home decor mountain mermaid style! All items are made from local + hand picked materials found on adventures all over Colorado and the Rocky Mountains!

Aspen leaves + evergreen branches + quartz + feathers + so much more!

Thank you for sticking around on this crazy adventure

I am thankful for all of the opportunities I've encountered and excited for what's ahead!

And remember ---

Island Flair is a LIFE STYLE


(Still figuring out how we'll add some mountain in there)


Kristen Claire <3

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